Welcome to Geneva !

The Lake of Geneva is a worldwide tourist location that attracts people from all over the world and is a major source of pleasure and admiration for foreign visitors. Discover the magic and beauty of lake Geneva by embarking on one of our boats for a memorable cruise.



Schedule of the office
08:00 am at 11:30 am and from 12:30 am till 5:30 pm

Schedule of Ticket offices for the Cruises
10:00 am at 11:15 am and from 12:30 am till 5:15 pm



20 passengers are required (on the round trip)
for the cruise of the Rhône.

Reservation compulsory for 022 732 47 47


For the cruise of the Mermaid

10:30 am / 0:30 pm / 2:00 pm / 3:30 pm / 5:00 pm / (6:30 pm*)
Additional departure
4.30 am Wednesday to Friday
4.30 am two weekend in month
*6:30 pm in the middle of July, in August in good weather

A group of minimum 5 persons is required.

The cruises of Parks & Residences and Small harbours
are cancelled for the season 2013

The company Swissboat enlarges her fleet of a speedboat 32 meters long,
6 meters wide of a capacity about 200 passengers, with a lounge which
could welcome in catering 80 dinner guests.


Romandie IV will be put in service in May, 2013,
CHF 1'200 First hour
CHF 1'000.- / Following hour

the delay of one year is because
of the modifications not planned.



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